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You have lots of choices, there is certainly not a lack of local or online sources for buying gear. Its not difficult to find an instructor to get that next certification card either. There are hundreds of different sites that will sell you that dream trip at the click of a button. We get that!!!!

Where else will you find the exclusive deals and resources that Bluewater Divers offers? Nowhere!

  • Try it before you buy it – This regions only true DEMO department where you can sift through gear from all the leading brands so you can see the difference prior to investing.
  • Warranties…hassle FREE – If you invest here, you will never have figure out what to do if your gear breaks. We handle the whole thing and its complimentary.
  • Complimentary loaners – Our customers know that if your equipment breaks and you need gear NOW…you are welcome to similar if not identical gear for your next dive!
  • Social network – Call us old fashioned but we don’t believe a computer data base should pick your friends. Find new friends at our regularly scheduled events.
  • Gear choices – Have you heard of Aqualung, Scubapro, Atomic, Apeks, Oceanic, DUI, Henderson, Suunto, Uwatec, Halcyon, Sea-Quest, Sherwood etc.? We have those and more!
  • “Get to” vs. “got to” – how good of a diver do you want to be? How much FUN to you want to have? If you take the N out of FUN, what does that leave you with? We make it FUN! Your experiences here are something you will enjoy and remember, not something you just get done and over with (quick weekend style classes for example).
  • Dream trips – With us, we ONLY offer the best resorts & dive operations. We prepare you to travel “stress free” like a pro before the trip then pack the trip with exciting adventures beyond diving. We hunt for the best itineraries and comfortable travel providers. You get a complimentary video, digital photos & photo album. OUR group gets to pick the dive sites and profiles. You meet great friends…other than that your not missing much!
  • Always listening – We build relationships and transform lives. When we hear a suggestion a few times, we know its time to take a serious look at it. Thats how most of our exlusive resources have came to be! Keep the ideas coming!