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Meet the Staff


Allen Aboujeib

Director of Happiness

Having a very sheltered and challenging childhood it is fair to say I am making up for it in my adult life. Extreme outdoor sports and fast toys drive me. My personal life is the best “real world” inspiration for our business model regarding the way our customers are treated and the resources they have at their disposal. Learn More


Head Greeter – Assistant Director of Happiness

Lulu is our Head Greeter and always excited to meet new divers. On most days you can find her exploring on one of the 3 primary floors of our 7,000 sq. ft. facility looking for divers to wag her tail at! Her smile is worth a Million bucks but she gladly accepts belly rubs for compensation!


Lulu’s Playmate – Assistant Director of Happiness

Sophie is a great new addition to the staff as Lulu’s personal assistant. Sophie allows the rest of us to actually get work done while Sophie assists Lulu with all of her needs. If you don’t like puppy kisses we do not recommend picking her up!

Mark Mack “Sharky Marky”

Sales, Service & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Roberta Larson

Sales & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Mark Whitley

Service & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Rick Josey

Sales, Service & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Tim Yerby

Service Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Eric Hopkins

Training & Travel Team – PADI Course Director & Assistant Director of Happiness

Scuba diving is such a wonderful all around sport. Introducing my family to scuba diving is much of my motivation to instruct. When I find something fun, relaxing, and enjoyable I tend to want to bring others on board. Scuba has a macho reputation, but in actuality it is a wonderful family sport…. Learn More

Jason Wright

Sales, Service & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

I’ve been diving since 2001 but in that time have managed to have a lot of great adventures with my wife and all of my friends up at Bluewater. I have logged over 600 dives since 2001 and it has been quite an adventure. I currently reside south of the Rio Rojo doing a little work down in Texas. If you make it down to DFW let me know and maybe we can go blow some bubbles….. Learn More

Terry Stewart

Training Team, Service Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Ron Degraffenreid

Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Sean Cobb

Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Brad Copeland

Training Team, Sales Team, Service Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Richard Justik

Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

"scuba diving instruction"

Kyle Harmon

Retired Assistant Director of Happiness

Sometimes you can be too good at something. We screwed up by letting Kyle’s skills and knowledge of the dive industry get recognized and was STOLEN from us! Kyle was moved to Florida in the Fall of 2012 to pursue his passion for Cave Diving. He is working with Extreme Exposure and Halcyon “living his dream”. Learn More

Brad White

Retired Director of Happiness

Brad’s off living the dream in Colorado these days with his wife Tana. In the Winter you will find him “working” at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. In the Summer you can make reservations to play on some of his off road toys at Vail Off Road Rental. Brad worked here for several priceless years in Sales & Service. Best of luck with the new adventure!

Shane Smith

Retired Director of Happiness

Random fact….SHANE is the guy that got me, “THE” Director of Happiness excited about diving! Working with him was a true highlight in my career. After several years of transforming Bluewater Divers customers lives as he did mine,Shane switched hobbies. A few years back he became very active in the film community winning numerous awards for his accomplishments. Along with one of his sons (Evan), they write, produce, film & edit some pretty amazing cuts! Shane is still local and not uncommon to find hanging around!

John McCraw

Retired Director of Happiness

After training countless students as well as showing them a great time in the islands on our group trips, he has retired from teaching Scuba. He and his wife Suzie have also retired from thier “real jobs” and are enjoying traveling the US on foot! What an amazing adventure this is! We thank you for all of your hard work and wish you well on your adventures to come!

JC King

Retired Director of Happiness

JC has put in many, many years here at the shop. Now you will find JC and his wife Sandy spending most of their time together with their animal collection. From horses to dogs the size of horses and pretty much everything in-between!

Mike Sprinkle – RIP buddy! 1946 – 2016…you are missed

Retired Director of Happiness

Mike is spending these days traveling the world (literally) with is wife Debra in TRUE retirement. After Mike retired from the Oklahoma City Fire Department where he put in many, many years there, he then worked here for many years in Sales and is truly missed. Fortunately Mike still lives locally so don’t be surprised if you see him in here one day chillin’ on the couch!

Darrell Baker

Retired Director of Happiness

Garrett Nelson

Retired Director of Happiness

We knew the day would come that we would lose Garrett to Dentist school but didn’t like to think about it. Garrett put in several years of hard work in every department our store offers. We know his dedication to Bluewater will be a reflection of his Dentist practice in the near future!

Jeremy Walck

Sales, Service & Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

I now have my daughter diving which has added a whole new level of excitement. That’s another pleasure of diving, you can go out with your buddies and have a great time or it can be a family event and still be a blast. How many activities can you say that about? When I’m not diving, I’m a manager at Smart Technologies in Oklahoma City. Learn More

Jim Taylor

Retired Director of Happiness

Jim is busy these days as the property manager for the Last Frontier Council Boy Scouts of America in Oklahoma.

Larry Menhusen

Training Team – Assistant Director of Happiness

Live every day like it’s your last” is basically how I like to live my life day to day. There are too many things and places to experience and too little time to sit around wondering what those experiences would be like. If I’m not doing something that I’ve never done before, you will find me planning my next big adventure From sky diving, scuba diving, flying airplanes, snowboarding, wake boarding, ATVs, hunting to whatever is next… Learn More