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Jason Wright

Assistant Director of Happiness

I’ve been diving since 2001 but in that time have managed to have a lot of great adventures with my wife and all of my friends up at Bluewater. I have logged over 600 dives since 2001 and it has been quite an adventure. I currently reside south of the Rio Rojo doing a little work down in Texas. If you make it down to DFW let me know and maybe we can go blow some bubbles.

What is my favorite type of diving?

My current interests are shifting towards the technical diving realm. I have had the opportunity to train with some of the best divers in the world down in Florida and I am currently working hard at improving my dive skills every time I get in the water.

What is my favorite tropical destination?

Who wants to dive warm water? We don’t need no stinkin warm water!!

What is my favorite freshwater destination?

Anywhere that I can be diving in 2ft vis then drop below the thermo-cline and it opens up to 30-40ft visibility.

What tropical destination is on the top of my list to visit one day?

Anywhere off the beaten path. If it’s unexplored let’s go check it out.

What is my favorite BCD?

Back Plate and Wings currently tickle my fancy

What is my favorite Regulator?

Binford 5000 XL but I got my eyes on the new Scubapro G250V

What is my favorite dive computer?

The one in between my ears.

What type of exposure protection do I prefer?

Dry all day all the way baby!!

What type of fins do I prefer?

Scubapro Jet Fins (w/ spring straps)

What is my favorite class to teach?

I love teaching equipment classes because I’m such a gear nut, however that shouldn’t count cause we ain’t diving.

Top TenElevenMemorable Dives:

Proposing to my wife underwater.
Cutting down trees underwater with an underwater chainsaw.
Finding unknown underwater home sites at Lake Ouachita.
Finding a gun underwater in LakeMurray.
Diving in a tremendous out flow at Good enough springs in Lake Amistad on the Mexican border.
The first time I found the underwater buddy phone at LakeTenkiller.
My first two hour dive on a single aluminum 80.
J.C. rastlin a deformed catfish in Arkansas.
Seeing the look on my dive buddies face when we first descended into Devils Ear at Ginnie Springs
Finding milky crystal veins in rocks in Ouachita.
The first time I swam through an underwater forest in 40ft visibility.
If I could tell prospective students one thing what would it be?:

If you are getting in to diving and really want to be a good diver then remember, it’s not going to happen when you go pick up your dive card. The training is only part of it. It also takes hard work and a good attitude. Now go out and have fun, be smart, and GET IN THE WATER!!

Recreational courses

    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Scuba Diving International Instructor

    Technical Diving International Instructor

    PADI Tec/Rec Instructor

    Global Underwater Explorers Basic Fundamentals Trained

    What Classes I can teach

    Open water

    Advanced Open water




    Equipment Specialist

    Nitrox Gas Blender

    Deep Diver

    Night Diver

    Underwater Navigation

    Peak Performance Buoyancy

    Search and Recovery Diver

    and several others.