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Isn’t it frustrating when you watch a car commercial and the dealership claims “we are #1” when you just saw another commercial from a different car dealership that said the same thing? It is tough to prove that you are #1, however, the ones that take care of customers show in their success.

We are not telling you we are the “best” or “#1”…we are showing you a few facts related to why most Scuba Diviners in Oklahoma call Bluewater Divers “their shop”.  We are by far the largest and most resourceful Scuba Diving shop in Oklahoma while still offering that “Mom & Pop” level of customer service.

We believe if you are going to offer something (like Scuba) to the public, you should offer everything the industry has to offer or step aside and let someone more qualified do the job!

Why Bluewater Divers? Lets break down our 5 primary departments and see the facts:

Training Department

We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center that has the resources to take you from beginner to instructor and everything in-between. We use a “get to” vs. “got to” philosophy with emphasis on FUN! With 6-8 avg. Full Time highly qualified PADI trainers safety is never questioned. Take a few minutes to read on and find out more about all of the benefits customers have access to through out 6,000 square foot full service facility!LEARN MORE

Sales Department

We don’t just hire anyone to work here…our staff members very experienced and knowledgeable about what we offer and beyond. We carry every major brand of gear and stay well stocked year round. We are happy to price match identical items from Authorized Dealers but we rarely have to because of our every day unbeatable deals. Take a minute to read on and find out why most divers in Oklahoma call Bluewater Divers “their dive shop”

Service Department

We set the standard when it comes to equipment service. Whether its routine annual service, a warranty claim or just a quick “tweak”, you will find that we make it as easy as possible and get it right the first time. We have invested thousands of dollars in sophisticated equipment that can help us see issues way beyond those that conventional tools offer. Take a look in our Service Department, then go check out some other facilities. Let us know how that works out. Its simply night and day.


Rental / DEMO Department

Typical Rental Department…HA! We have every current model regulator and all of the hottest BCD’s from every major brand and many of the smaller brands as well. If investing in your own Scuba Diving equipment is not an option, you will find our Rental/DEMO department to be quite impressive. While a rental department is just something your average shop “has” to have, this is for many customers and staff one of the best part of Bluewater Divers. Most sets even come standard with a user friendly, full feature computer! If you think that means expensive, it probably should be but its very competitive with “typical rentals”. Read on and find out more about how you can take advantage of our DEMO Department or just rent some gear!

Travel Department

Traveling with us is like taking a limousine opposed to the city bus! If you are looking for a budget trip staying a crappy hotel and using the cheapest dive operation on the island, we are not the right shop for you. You don’t have to be rich to travel with us, only have rich taste. If we cannot offer a trip competitively, we will not offer it at all. We primarily focus on “exotic trips” to the South Pacific and Caribbean but always have a great deal. Read on to find out why more people are either traveling stress free with us or using our travel services to get that dream destination!