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Statistically speaking…. regardless of what activity you are participating in whether Bicycling, staying fit, Scuba etc., you will be more likely to stay active when you own the equipment necessary to participate.

As you read on we hope this information helps you rationally decide whether or not you should invest in your own gear or rent/borrow.

DEMO Gear – If equipment ownership is not an option, you still don’t have to settle for typical rental quality gear (unreliable, gross, unsanitary, uncomfortable, non-weight integrated BCD’s, un-balanced regs etc.). We have a unique approach and an exclusive here in Oklahoma. You can dive with just about any current gear on the market even though you don’t own it. Our well known DEMO Department has every regulator and all of the hottest BCD’s from all of the major brands such as Scubapro, Aqualung, Oceanic, Atomic, Sherwood, Tusa and more! If you see it in a magazine, website etc. more than likely we have it for you to use.
We certify close to 700 divers at various levels consistently every year. While many take the traditional route and “gear up”, stay active and enjoy diving, its unfortunate that we see some of our most passionate customers fade away occasionally. Its almost always the ones that just can’t justify equipment ownership.
Here are a few easily avoidable, however common reasons why some divers won’t gear up and will more than likely fade away.
Money – We offer many, many solutions to the lack of funds issue. We offer 6 months same as cash with zero interest. We have OKC’s largest and most complete pre-owned gear selection with full sets starting at $250. We have new sets with limited life-time warranties starting at $799 from reputable manufacturers. you can certainly find cheaper packages online but you will regret it just as we regret the few packages like that we sold before finding out why they were so cheap. We gladly refunded customers money, apologized and now say “told ya so” when customers buy those cheapies and have problems.

Frequency of diving – “I only dive once a year”. We get that and used to agree the once a year diver may be better off renting vs. owning but have changed our approach on advice to this common scenario over the year as we learn more from our customers. If anyone needs good gear its the ones that do not get to dive much. The more you do something, typically the better you will get which means you will enjoy it more. If you don’t get the opportunity to practice very often chances are you will need all the help you can get such as properly fitting gear that is above and beyond “rental style”.

It won’t take much research to find that our reputation is stellar. Take the time to explain your diving interests and challenges and we will shoot you straight with the most resourceful options available.