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New Equipment Orientation

Not too many people would try and use their new life support equipment without an orientation to its features and functions."Scuba Diving equipment information"

At Bluewater Divers, we believe that divers are more likely to dive safer and have more FUN, when they have proper knowledge of their life support equipment.

Occasionally, divers will try short cuts such as ordering life support equipment through the mail. When they open the box, how many un-answered questions do you imagine they may have?

At Bluewater Divers, every customer is welcome and encouraged to attend a New Equipment Ownership Seminar absolutely FREE ($49.95 value).

How does it work?

· At the time of purchase, our Sales Team will offer detailed product knowledge here in our showroom to begin the orientation process.

· Our Training Team will continue the orientation process in a Confined Water setting, typically a pool.

· New equipment owners have the opportunity to become familiar with their gear, learn the features and functions as well as getting it fitted and trimmed out to your body properly.


· What if I do not have a complete set of equipment? No problem, you can rent/demo any equipment you do not have.

· What if I did not purchase my equipment through Bluewater Divers? No problem, you are welcome and encouraged to attend at normal price. NOTE: Equipment orientation is limited to gear from “name brand” reputable manufacturers.

· Is this a class? No, certified scuba divers will be free to practice at your own pace. The role of Bluewater Divers staff is to orient you to your new equipment.

· How long does the orientation last? Typically about 1 – 2 hours depending on how many participants are involved.

· How do I find out the orientation schedule? Easy, call, click or come by. The Calendar on our website will typically be the most efficient reference.

· Do I have to RSVP? YES, space is limited. In addition, our Team needs to be aware of what equipment they will be preparing the orientation for.