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The last thing you are thinking about when you purchase that new piece of Scuba Diving gear is what to do if it breaks. If it does, we know that sucks. We will do our best to make it suck a lot less.

Facing facts…leading brands produce very high quality products, however dive gear is mechanical and subjected to harsh conditions. Whether you goof up and drag it through the sand, dunk your reg without the cap on or even worse…let your kids play it, you are going to need repairs. So lets look at a few options for warranty & non-warranty situations.

Purchases here - Invest smart..invest here and receive our complimentary Service Plan. Its our Stress Free philosophy that keeps customers coming back!

  • When purchased here, we handle 100% of the warranty claim at no charge
  • You can enjoy complimentary loaner equipment on many items that are similar, if not identical to yours should you need it in most cases.
  • When you have a claim, your gear goes to “the front of the line” if time is an issue (it usually is). Most repairs can be done “in house” since we are an authorized service center for most brands.
  • Routine check ups, updates and accessory installations are also complimentary!

Not purchased here – No big deal, we are happy to help but would not qualify for the exclusive benefits mentioned above. Here are a list of things you will need to be prepared for:

  • Provide proof of purchase from an Authorized Dealer
  • Be the original owner
  • Have the product registered shortly after purchase
  • Subject to all manufacturer policies
  • Pay for any shipping charges as well any service costs and parts associated

Hind site can be 20/20! Make the right choice and compare “apples to apples” before you get a case of buyers remorse!