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We set the standard when it comes to equipment service. Whether its routine annual service, a warranty claim or just a quick “tweak”, you will find that we make it as easy as possible and get it right the first time. We have invested thousands of dollars in sophisticated equipment that can help us see issues way beyond those that conventional tools offer. Take a look in our Service Department, then go check out some other facilities. Let us know how that works out. Its simply night and day.
• We have built a custom flow bench designed to detect challenging problems and fine tune your regulators to the best possible performance.
• We use in-water submersion for the final phase of testing.
• 2 full time factory trained technicians (plus a few part timers) are in the Service Department M-F to ensure a fast turnaround time. We also have a 24 hour service available.
• Even if you didn’t purchase your gear here, we can still honor manufacturer’s warranties.
• We help you keep track of valuable proof of purchases and service records with our exclusive Service Record Folders and of course those that purchased here will be in our computer system.
• We store thousands of cubic feet of regularly tested air so you can always count on a “good fill” to full capacity while you wait.

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