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Test Dive Scuba Gear

"Scuba Diving Demo Equipment"

Are you missing out on our exclusive Loyalty Advantage? Our customers know they have the¬†ability to Test Dive every Regulator and all of the hottest Mens, Womens & Childrens BCD’s from ALL of the big brands and even some of the budget brands before they¬†make an investment. You don’t hear about this anywhere else because it’s an exclusive offer otherwise unheard of in Oklahoma.

It’s no secret there are overwhelming choices and opinions about what gear is the best. The bottom line is, the way it fits and performs can only be determined by YOU! We have eliminated buyers remorse and it doesn’t have to cost you a Dime!

Step 1 – Select a reputable brand that has the policies and resources to back you up if your gear breaks down
Step 2 – Our Sales Team can help you narrow down your selection based on fit, desired performance and budget
Step 3 – Go for a test dive or two, or three. Rent the gear and take it anywhere you like…the pool, lake ocean etc. and make sure you like it
Step 4 – Make an investment in the same type of gear you took on your test dive and we will apply all qualifying Rental Fees towards your purchase

It is a very rare occasion a customer wants to return or exchange an item here at our store. Do you ever think about why online “warehouse” type dealers put so much effort into advertising ridiculous return policies? They need them because consumers quickly find out hind-site is 20/20! Say “NO” to buyers remorse and enjoy our Loyalty Advantage!

Here is our Test Divers Loyalty Advantage:

1st day rental = 100% match
2nd day rental = 50% match
3rd day and beyond rentals within 12 months = 25% match

Example: Rent a premium BCD at $18 per day for 3 days =$54

Purchase a new BCD within 12 Months of the day(s) Rented and apply all qualifying funds with the following formula to the purchase price

BCD Rental Refund = $18 (100% 1st day) + $9 (50% 2nd day) + $4.50 (25% 3rd day) TOTAL $31.50 applied to new BCD

Test Dive as often as you like, we encourage you to try different gear. When the time is right, we will gladly apply all qualifying Rental fees to your purchase! Its that simple.

Rent to own 2014