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GET STARTED….1st time lessons

Here is where your life-style upgrade begins. For most people that have never been Scuba Diving before, just the thought of breathing underwater is intoxicating! Becoming an Explorer of the underwater world is easy to learn and you can start today! We make learning FUN! In addition to a highly accredited and award winning Training Team, we focus highly on social networking with other divers. There are no hidden fees or gimmicks. We know that if you are not having FUN, you will lose interest. So, in short….we “sell” FUN and the rest follows…

GET BETTER….Improve skills & knowledge

Whats next? That’s a very popular question often asked by recently certified Scuba Divers. We literally offer dozens of choices beyond basic Open Water based on YOUR needs & interests. While some may need to improve buoyancy or navigation skills, others may want to learn to safely dive deeper or enter ship wrecks. Regardless, our Training Team offers a complimentary consult to help you find your path. LEARN MORE

GO PRO….Get paid to play

Maybe your drawn to the rewards of helping other people. Maybe you are looking for a career change. Maybe you want to refine your skills to the highest level. Becoming a PADI Pro is the ultimate life-style upgrade. Imagine….getting paid to play! Imagine….hearing people tell you that YOU changed their life on a regular basis! We can get you there and its more realistic than you may think. We are here to guide you…. LEARN MORE