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Open Water Diver Certification

Beginner course….this is where it starts!

This is where it begins. If you are not a Certified Scuba Diver, this is the class you need to sign up for. You can start any time you like and learn at a comfortable pace. Take your research seriously and ask yourself…how good do you want to be? If you are not good at something, you wont enjoy it. Here, you will only find a VERY high standard of education to ensure you are safe, having FUN and of course are good at it! Learn More

Scuba Tune-Up (Refresher)

Get back into Scuba Diving & restore that passion

Already a Certified Scuba Diver but are feeling a bit “rusty”? We can help restore your confidence! In addition to refreshing your skills and knowledge so that you can dive safely and have FUN, we like to take things a bit further. We hope that you will take advantage of the resources we offer that will reduce the risk of you “fading away” again and needing another refresher in the future. One of our many goals is to keep you active! Learn More

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

Try diving before committing to certification

Discover the joy of Scuba Diving without committing to the entire certification course! There are a few different options for different people since we all learn in slightly different ways. Once you take that first indescribable breath of air underwater though…it may be difficult to contain your excitement! Learn More