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  • Study the training materials in the comfort of your preferred learning environment (home, work, a park etc.)
  • Sign up for a Test & Tutor session to demonstrate your academic knowledge to our Training Team and further develop your understanding of Scuba Diving (typically 1 evening as long as you did your homework).
  • Sign up for pool sessions to develop Scuba Diving skills with our Training Team in the comfort of an indoor heated pool (typically 2-3 evenings or part of a weekend, your choice).

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The Class and Pool package which includes all training curriculum, log book and equipment (except snorkel gear) is $225.00.

Owning a Scuba Diving quality mask, fins, snorkel and safety sausage is an industry standard. A very generous discount is offered to new students investing in gear.

Once you have completed your class and pool work you have 2 choices to complete your training and receive a certification card. Join us at an area lake for a fun weekend of diving or ask for a Referral. A Referral allows a diver who has completed portions of the class with us to let another instructor pick up where we left off. In other words, if you have a trip coming up you can have an instructor at your vacation destination do the equivalent of what we would do at the lake with you. Referrals are very common and easy.

Lake training is $125.00 and includes all equipment from pool sessions plus a wetsuit. There are no additional hidden fees.


  • Pick up training materials and familiarize your self with required home study
  • Monday evening in the classroom testing and being tutored
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the pool developing skills and gaining confidence
  • A full weekend at the lake OR if you can be referred to a trainer at your vacation destination to complete the Open Water dives.

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