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Open Water classes start at only $249.00. Now that your biggest question is answered we hope you will take a few minutes to see just how hard Oklahoma’s largest and most resourceful dive shop works to help you become a safe, confident diver that is comfortable and can have FUN all at the same time. Below are some very important things you should know about who is teaching you.

We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center that has been training beginners to instructors and everything in between for over 20 years. Our trainers are hand picked, experienced professionals that know how to develop divers, not just provide rushed experiences. There is a huge difference. Here are a few standard features of our Open Water class that has kept us as the #1 PADI certifying shop in the state by quite a bit.

  • We generously provide 1 instructor and 1 divemaster for every 5 students in the class and pool session(s). This allows us to be very observant of your skill developments and tuned in to your specific needs.
  • At the Open Water training sites such as our home base of Lake Tenkiller we have 1 instructor for every 2 students. Now that’s truly personal training.
  • This is a PADI certification valid world wide for life. Does not expire.
  • Students have a very large selection of complimentary high end gear options during the class. Choose any regulator from any of the bigger premier brands and all of the hottest BCD’s on the market.
  • We should’t have to say this but all classes are taught exclusively with dive computers. Dive tables are confusing charts we used 20 years ago before computers made them obsolete but some shops still push them on you.
  • All complimentary Rental/DEMO gear is never more than 1 year old and meticulously maintained.
  • Private classes available pretty much anytime, anywhere but is subject to an additional fee. Private sessions are quoted based on your personalized preferences.

How it all works (detailed version)

  • Contact the shop to answer any questions you have about Scuba whether its related to a class, helping you choose a good Scuba vacation destination, equipment options or whatever you would like to learn more about.
  • Choose your learning options: Traditional for a paper manual and DVD plus pool sessions for $249 or the much more modern eLearning done from virtually any device for only $40 more.
  • Swing by the shop if you like for a complimentary orientation to the dive industry. We can customize this experience to your interests so we can give advice that sets you up for success on all of your dive excursions including training.
  • After you study your training materials whether book and DVD or eLearning you can look on our Calendar to schedule your pool sessions by simply contacting us and letting us know what available dates you want.
  • Pool sessions are performed at our private training facility Casa De Buceo just a few minutes from our showroom. Sessions are typically Saturday and Sunday often with multiple time slot options. Weeknight courses are also options.
  • Once you complete your pool training the final step is showing us that you are as comfortable in the “open water” as you were in the pool. Thats 4 FUN dives over 2 days either with us or on your vacation.
  • Completing your 4 Open Water dives with us is $99, includes all the gear and typically at Lake Tenkiller. Enjoy a FUN weekend with lots of diving while earning your certification. You’ll meet other divers and enjoy a cookout!
  • Completing your 4 Open Water dives on vacation is called a Referral and is very common especially in the Winter when area lakes are too cold. Each shop around the world would set their own prices typically $2-300ish.

How it all works (summary)

Traditional class and pool is $249 or add $40 for the more modern eLearning option. 2 pool sessions typically over a Saturday and Sunday morning or afternoon. 1 weekend at the lake for $99.

More details

  • A very mature 10 is the youngest age to take lessons. There is no age limit. Regardless of age everyone goes through the same PADI training course.
  • Everyone will need their own Scuba quality¬† mask, fins and snorkel. If you do not have these you can take advantage of a 20% off offer when you sign up. Loaners are available but not recommended. Talk to us for details.
  • As you would expect, there is a Liability and Medical form that must be filled out properly prior to taking the class. This may or may not require a physicians approval.
  • Lake Tenkiller is our home base May 1 – October 31 -ish. On occasion conditions temporarily deteriorate and we will use alternate locations for an additional fee typically $50 more than normal. November – April we offer Open Water training at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM about 5.5 hours from OKC. This is also an additional $50 fee.

About Lake Tenkiller

Lake Tenkiller is a beautiful lake about 2 – 2.5 hours from OKC and is by far the most popular lake for Scuba Diving in Oklahoma. The most popular shore diving spots are in the State Park by the dam. Crappy Point and the Scuba Park are at the top of the list. Most new divers really enjoy the Scuba Park because there is so much to see there. In addition to all of the cool rock formations and fish, divers can enjoy a large helicopter, an airplane, an old school bus and numerous boats sunk and ready to be explored.

We consider the most desirable diving time of the year to be May – October with the Spring and Fall having the best visibility but also a little chilly. In the Summer wetsuits are typically only needed when diving below the thermocline at about 35′. We offer some of the most comfortable wetsuits to keep you warm but if are going to do a lot of local diving it is highly recommended you get your own exposure protection appropriate for your needs.

Tenkiller State park (cabins & camp sites AT the dive area) 918-489-5641

Fin & Feather resort (close to the lake) 918-487-5148