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Specialty Instructor

MSDT/Specialty Instructor
So now that you have become an OWSI, you will want to expand your teaching abilities. The next step is to have the tools necessary to be able to help your students become complete divers. Your students will have many different interests and you’ll need to be able to help them along their way. You need special ratings for each PADI specialty to be qualified to teach them. Our Course Director, Eric, can help you achieve these ratings. Teaching specialties will also speed up the process of becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Why offer specialty courses?
Many students have special interests and want to learn more about specific areas. It’s much safer for divers if they learn the details from you. Besides, it’s opportunity for more FUN!
What specialties do I need to offer?
There are many specialties that are very beneficial to students. The functional specialties such as Navigation, Deep and Nitrox are a must. You’ll also find consistent interest from your students in classes such as Night, Sidemount and Digital Underwater Photography. Find the things that interest you and you will be successful.
Who can become a Specialty Instructor?
Any OWSI. Divemasters can become Emergency O2 Provider and Digital Underwater Photography Instructors.
What is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer?
An experienced OWSI (25 student certifications) and 5 specialty instructor ratings.
What is MSDT Prep?
It’s a special session with the Course Director, usually at the time of the IDC, where you attain multiple Specialty Instructor Ratings grouped together. As it sounds, it’s to give you a boost to achieving the MSDT rating. By teaching courses other than Open Water, you’ll be able to attain the 25 certifications faster.
Why train with a Course Director?
You’ll not only learn the requirements but will learn the tricks of the trade to make your classes more enjoyable (for you and the students) and efficient.
What is the cost?
The costs are given below. There are special discounts when you participate in the MSDT Prep class. You’ll recover your costs when you train your first students.
When is it offered?
Anytime! The most efficient way is to bundle the ratings together, such as during the MSDT Prep. Contact Eric to arrange unscheduled times or private instruction.

Specialty Instructor Fee Schedule

Altitude Instructor $150
Boat Instructor $150
Deep Instructor $225
Digital UW Photographer Instructor $225
DPV Instructor $150
Drift Instructor $150
Dry Suit Instructor $225
EANx Instructor $150
Emergency O2 Instructor $150
Night Instructor $150
Search & Recovery Instructor $225
Self Reliant Instructor $400 ($200 if student level also)
Underwater Naturalist Instructor $150
Underwater Navigator Instructor $150
Underwater Videographer Instructor $150
Wreck Instructor $225
Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor $400 ($200 if student level also)
MSDT Prep Deep, Digital Photographer, EANx, Night, Nav $540
Combination of three or more 25% Discount