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Complete Diver Consultation

No need to print this coupon….just make an appointment for your FREE Complete Diver Consultation."Scuba Diving Specials"

Why is my buoyancy not consistent?
Should I take more classes?
What gear should I to invest in, there are so many different choices?
Which travel destinations are the best?
When & where is local diving good?
Sound familiar? Take advantage of our complimentary coaching from well qualified & experienced Team Trainers from Bluewater Divers.

Getting hooked on Scuba Diving is easy. if you are anything like our staff members were when they first got into Scuba Diving, you were hooked before you ever took your first breath underwater. Like our trainers when we first got into Scuba Diving, we were like un-contained wild fires with endless questions. Many of our trainers recall not even knowing the right questions to ask! No worries, we can help and you can move forward with confidence.

A quick note on our philosophy…if you already know how to navigate, why take a Nav. Class? You won’t catch us trying to “sell” you something that is not ideal.

  1. It starts with a simple interview with strategically loaded questions about YOUR overall interests and expectations of this amazing sport.
  2. When applicable, we evaluate your diving knowledge and skills.
  3. Reviewing…by this point we should know what kind of diving you prefer, any areas you need to “work on”, what equipment fits you & performs to your expectations and finally what kind of time and money you have budgeted to become a confident Scuba Diver.
  4. Wallah! Start enjoying this amazing sport at the maximum potential!

“If you are not having FUN Scuba Diving…you might not be doing it right”!