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Stress Free Travel…..is it really possible?

Traveling “stress free” is easy, you just have to know a few tricks. Most travel problems are easily avoidable. Utilize the information below that has been acquired over many years of travel. We have seen and heard about everything you could possibly imagine. We could tell you a LOT of stories but will save that for the next time you are on a trip with us over a cold one!

General Travel Tips

What to know before you go

Are we there yet? Find out how to ease the mental and physical stress of travel days

Protect your assets. Everything you bring is vulnerable to unforeseen issues

Travel delays & Lost luggage. Yes, it sucks but learn to make the best of it.

Food & Health. Learn how to reduce the risk of getting sick or injured

Legal & Cultural. Learn how to respect unique customs and avoid trouble

Packing tips. Learn how to maximize luggage space and avoid frustrating & costly situations

Tipping. Learn what is expected & what may be offensive

It can happen to you! Learn how to trade fear for AWARENESS

Extra travel expenses. Learn how to plan for the TOTAL cost of a trip

Travel Insurance. Learn why ignoring it can be make a bad situation REALLY bad

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