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Rent to own 2014

Not just a Rental Department, it’s our regions only DEMO Center offering gear from all major brands and now, the option of renting to own!

Top 10 Reasons to Rent/DEMO Scuba Diving Equipment from OKC’s premier dive center:

  1. Eliminate Buyers Remorse…you can try most gear before you buy it
  2. Currently the ONLY place in the Mid-West offering a Rent To Own Scuba Gear program
  3. Two complimentary travel days with all multi-day rentals
  4. We are an Authorized Dealer for ALL major brands and most of the dinky ones as well offering you the most selections
  5. Our Rental/DEMO rates are competitive with other dive operations offering significantly lower quality, availability, selection and offers
  6. All gear is inspected and sanitized after use giving our customers a quality experience similar to actually owning equipment
  7. Excessive amounts of Rental/DEMO gear are kept on hand to reduce the chance of running out even if you don’t have reservations
  8. Reservations for specific equipment are taken up to 60 days in advance to ensure you get what you want, when you want
  9. No size issues here…we offer child’s 3XS – Adult 3XL. Ladies don’t have to settle for “unisex” gear, we got you covered with your own selections
  10. Most gear is travel friendly so it packs so well you can get 2 full sets of gear in 1 normal size suitcase or 1 full set in a carry on.

Standard Gear Per Day

BCD – Weight integrated, premium design for Men or Women $18.00
REGULATOR SET – Premium designs from multiple popular brands complete with octo’s and air-integrated computers $25.00
WEIGHT (up to 16lbs) – 1, 2, 3 or 4lb increments – lace through style $5.00
WET SUIT- 5mm Thermoprene full jumpsuits (premium flex type material) Youth 10 – adult 3XL. $8.00
AIR TANK – Your choice of an Aluminum 80 or 63 cubic foot cylinder (3000psi). $8.00
NITROX (32%) – Aluminum 80 cubic foot cylinder (3000psi). Can only be refilled at authorized Nitrox fill stations $15.00

** Multi-Day Rentals come with 2 complimentary “travel days”** so, you could pick gear up Friday and bring back Monday but only be charged for 2 days as an example.

Whether you are immediately attracted to the benefit of renting to own or not, you still qualify and don’t have to do anything different. We will happily track your qualifying Rentals for you.

Rent as often as you like, we encourage you to try different gear. When the time is right, we will gladly apply all qualifying Rental fees to your purchase! Its that simple.

Some Rentals for 7 consecutive days or more qualify for premium roller style luggage use and we will even pack it for you! Just sign the form and wheel your packed bag off to the airport! Ok, maybe you should inspect the contents first but you get the point…right?

Some restrictions apply, see store for details. Rentals prior to 1.1.14 do not qualify for our exclusive Rent To Own program.