Bluewater Dive Trips

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Bluewater Dive Trips

This Is Why You Learned To Scuba Dive

Here’s where all your classes and training pay off, using your newly refined skills to enjoy the beautiful reef life on a faraway island. Or a mysterious shipwreck closer to home. Or endless, carefree diving off a live aboard in the middle of nowhere! Regardless of your taste in vacations (you may not even know what it is yet!), Your Dive Shop has you covered.

We typically take 5-6 Bluewater dive trips per year. They range from budget-friendly East Coast excursions to mid-priced Caribbean getaways to bucket-list dream locations in the South Pacific! They all have the same three things in common: Fun, Friends (new and old), and lots and lots of Diving! Some of our biggest hit trips, like Roatan and Bonaire, are every year. Others are constantly changing. Check out our calendar, call us, and sign up for our newsletter to be in the know when new Bluewater dive trips are announced!

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Some Of Our Upcoming Trips…

Jupiter, FL, Feb 20-27, 2021 - FULL

Sharks, sharks, and more sharks! Beautiful South Florida in the middle of the annual lemon shark aggregation. Lemons galore, plus bulls, blacktips, nurses, and more as we drift along taking pictures and video! $1150 pp/double occupancy – 5 days of 2-tank dives, 7 nights hotel, and nitrox.

Roatan, May 22-30, 2021 - FULL

Some of the best diving in all of the Caribbean, and one of the best bangs for the buck! The West End of Roatan boasts breathtaking walls teeming with life and a town designed perfectly for divers. $990 pp/double occupancy – 6 days of 3-tank dives, 8 nights hotel, and ground transfers.

North Carolina, August 8-14, 2021

Wrecks and sharks! This is the trip for the adventure diver. 25 miles off the NC coast lies the Graveyard of the Atlantic, deep shipwrecks that are home to an amazing amount of sea life and the scary-looking, but docile, sand tiger shark. $945 pp/do – 4 days of 2-tank dives and 6 nights hotel.

Bahamas, Sept. 18-24, 2021 - FULL

Explore the beautiful Bahamas the way they should be explored: aboard the live aboard, The Juliet! Dive your brains out at your own pace while enjoying great food, friends, views, and hospitality. $1690-1890 pp/double occupancy – approx. 19 dives, 6 nights, and all meals.

Galapagos, Feb 20-29, 2022 -FULL

At the very top of many divers’ bucket lists! Climb aboard the Galapagos Master, and enjoy beautiful, blue water and more pelagics than you can shake a camera at! Whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, and huge Pacific mantas! $6710-6815 pp/dbl occ.

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