The Bluewater Difference

What Sets Your Dive Shop Apart

Simply Put, We Do Things No Other Dive Shop Does!

The Bluewater Difference

Try It Before You Buy It

Completely eliminate buyer’s remorse. Know that the gear you just bought is exactly what you like, want, and need. Our extensive Demo department has all the best regulators and BCs from all the best manufacturers. Try this BC on vacation. Try that regulator on a class. Find out what works best for YOU before you spend YOUR money.

Rent To Own

While you’re trying out different gear to see what you like best before you buy, you’re earning valuable credit toward new gear. Only Bluewater Divers returns a generous portion of your rental fees that you can apply toward the purchase of new gear when you decide to purchase!

The Bluewater Difference


This is simply the most amazing program ever offered by any dive shop, anywhere. Unheard of discounts on dive equipment, classes, and class materials. All while we help you grow as a diver MUCH faster than you would have on your own. Come by the shop for full details.

Cheaper Than The Internet!

Bluewater Divers IS Cheaper Than The Internet, even after sales tax. Period. The catch? You’ve gotta be in the store to take advantage of these savings!

Equipment Service Savings

When it comes time for service, many equipment manufacturers offer a Free Parts for Life program, but some don’t. If you bought your gear new from Bluewater Divers, even if you don’t qualify for Parts for Life, you enjoy huge discounts on service parts.

Accidents Happen!

Life sucks somtimes. We pride ourselves on making it suck a lot less. Ran over your regulator in the driveway the day before the big trip? Stop by for a FREE loaner while WE handle your warranty claim.