Equipment Service

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Your scuba equipment represents a substantial investment. It’s also your lifeline underwater. Just like any piece of equipment, your scuba gear needs regular maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend a regulator be overhauled (serviced, annualled, etc.) every two years, with a “check” done the year in between. We have factory-trained technicians and are an authorized equipment service center for numerous brands, including:


Equipment Service

There are some good brands that have been discontinued or bought by other manufacturers. They may still be serviceable and supported by parts. Check with us if you’re unsure!

NEW: Come in and get DCS (the good kind)


Salt, sand, and chlorine can wreak havoc on your scuba gear. Let us help with that! We’ll thoroughly rinse and clean your regulator system and BC for you, getting rid of contaminants that cause corrosion, even rinsing and sanitizing the inside of the BC’s bladder.

This service includes a bench check (not an overhaul) of your regulator system and BC to make sure everything is adjusted properly and within manufacturer specifications. This complete service WILL extend the life of your investment and keep your gear looking and performing better.

Full DCS: $69

Bought gear new from us? $39

Equipment Service From Bluewater Divers Has Distinct Advantages:

Authorized service center for every brand we sell

Factory-trained technicians

The most advanced test equipment

Open, interactive service department; you’re welcome to watch!

Bought it here? Huge parts discounts if you don’t qualify for a Parts for Life program

Bought it here? FREE loaners during service if necessary

Bought it here? FREE loaners during any warranty

Most Common Services:

Service:                                                             Price:

Regulator Check                                             $20 (FREE if bought new from BWD)

BC Check                                                          $10 (FREE if bought new from BWD)

Regulator Service (overhaul)                       $30/stage + parts (Parts may be FREE or highly discounted)

BC Service                                                        $20

Cylinder Visual Inspection                            $15 (annually)

Cylinder Hydrostatic Test                             $35 (every 5 years) (Hydro requires visual inspection)

Deco’s Cleaning Service                               $69 ($39 if gear purchased new from BWD)

Here’s one extremely lucky exception. We wouldn’t recommend trying it!