Advanced Open Water

Grow Your Skills, and Find Your Underwater Interests!

5 Dives, 1 Weekend, No Classroom!


#1 Question: Don’t you need to be more advanced to take Advanced Open Water? NO! That’s the purpose of the course. 🙂


Plop down on the couch, read through five Advanced Open Water chapters, and do the knowledge reviews at the end of each.

Go Over Knowledge Reviews

Gather around with your instructor at the lake (or on vacation) to make sure you understand everything you studied.

Advanced Open Water

Go Diving!

Each adventure dive focuses on a different specialty. Discover your interests while you hone your underwater skills.

*Manual and equipment rental not included. PADI eLearning available.

*Some additional equipment (light, knife/cutting tool, compass, etc.) will be required and is your responsibility to own.

Prerequisite: Certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

Continuing Education Form

After your Open Water course, this form needs to be filled out and signed prior to any other classes. You’re welcome to download it now to save time! The medical questionnaire to the right must accompany this form. They’re both good with us for 12 months provided nothing changes on them.

Medical Questionnaire

Please fill this out according to the instructions. Depending on answers, you may require the approval of your healthcare provider on the last page of the form prior to any in-water activities. This form is good with us for any upcoming classes with us for 12 months provided nothing changes on them.

Advanced Open Water Checklist

Here’s all the information you’ll need to know before showing up at the lake for your class. It has the required reading, equipment, etc. to make your Advanced Open Water lake weekend fun and successful. Don’t hesitate to call or come in if you have any questions. Rental gear is not included for this class.

What’s Next?

A few courses that go great with, or perfectly follow, Advanced Open Water.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Learn about ideal weighting and trim as well as hydrodydamic equipment configurations and finning techniques. Hang motionless, glide effortlessly, get closer to sea life, and save air and energy.

Enriched Air Diver

Many consider Enriched Air (or Nitrox) the best thing to happen to recreational diving. Longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, and wider safety margins are a few of the reasons Nitrox has taken the diving world by storm!

Rescue Diver

In Advanced Open Water you learned to look beyond yourself and enjoy the underwater world. Now, you’ll learn to look out for other divers around you, offer assistance when needed, and spot potential issues early to help avoid problems!

Who we love to dive with when we go to North Carolina-come with us!