Rental and Demo

You Kind Of Have To See It, and Use It, To Believe It

Demo The Best Gear In The Industry For The Same Price As Other’s Rental Gear

Advantages of Bluewater Divers’ Rental and Demo Department:

*It’s NOT rental gear!

*The top models from all the best brands

*It’s never more than 1 year old!

*Male, female, and youth specific BCs in ALL sizes

*Free travel days. Why pay for it when you’re not using it?

*Rent To Own. Every day of rental earns CASH toward the purchase of new gear!

*Try It Before You Buy It. Don’t make an expensive mistake based on someone else’s opinion! Take advantage of our resources, and find out what works best for YOU before you buy!

Regulators – $25/day with octo and air-integrated computer

BCs – $18/day

Wetsuit – $8/day – Akona Quantum Stretch 5mm S-4XL

Weights – $5/day up to 16 lbs.

Tanks – $10/day-air, $15/day-nitrox

What their rental gear looks like. Seriously.

This is the problem with most all dive shops’ rental gear. It’s RENTAL gear. The cheapest brands, unbalanced regulators (much harder to breathe at depth), non-weight integrated BCs (requiring a dangerous weight belt), and NO computers. And they’re all exactly the same. boring. thing.

Rental and Demo Gear

What ours looks like. 🙂

All the top models from all the best brands. NO unbalanced regulators. NO weight belts. We sell it all and start over again every year, so it’s never more than 1 year old. Add in Rent To Own, and our rental and demo department simply can not be beaten. Full list below!

Regulator Sets

All regulator sets come with Aqualung ABS low-profile octos and Wisdom 4 air-integrated computers with Bluetooth and compass.

  1. Apeks XTX50
  2. Apeks XL4+
  3. Apeks ATX
  4. Apeks XTX200
  5. Aqualung Leg3nd MBS
  6. Aqualung Helix Pro Compact
  7. Atomic Z2
  8. Atomic Z3
  9. Atomic B2
  10. Dive Rite XT1/XT4
  11. Dive Rite XT1/XT2
  12. Scubapro MK25/S620Ti
  13. Scubapro MK11/C370
  14. Scubapro MK19/G260
  15. Sherwood SR2
  16. Sherwood Oasis
  17. Sherwood Magnum
  18. Sherwood Brut
  19. Zeagle F8
  20. Zeagle Envoy II
  21. Dive Rite XT1/XT2 Doubles Set
  22. Dive Rite XT1/XT2 Sidemount Set

Buoyancy Compensators

  1. Aqualung Wave (youth-sized jacket) – 3XS, 2XS
  2. Aqualung Axiom (hybrid) – XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, 2XL
  3. Scubapro Bella (ladies’ jacket) – XS, S, M, L
  4. Aqualung Pro HD Women (ladies’ jacket) – XS, S, M, ML
  5. Sherwood Axis (back-inflate) – S, M, L, XL
  6. Scubapro Glide (jacket) – S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  7. Zeagle Resort (jacket) – S, M, L, XL
  8. Scubapro Hydros Pro (back-inflate) – S, M, L, XL/2XL
  9. Hollis ST Travel System (backplate & wing) – One Size Adjustable
  10. Dive Rite Nomad Ray Sidemount BC – One Size Adjustable
  11. Hollis Katana 2 Sidemount BC – One Size Adjustable

Call or come by to check it out and reserve yours!