Allen Aboujeib

The Original Director of Happiness

Director of Happiness

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Having had a very sheltered and challenging childhood, it is fair to say I am making up for it in my adult life. Extreme outdoor sports and fast toys drive me. When I am not scuba diving, on any given day you can catch me (if you can) tearing up mountain bike trails, riding motorcycles, wake-boarding, etc. Most recently for some reason, I got into racing dirt bikes and love it! In the winter…I’m at the slopes!

I lead several group trips per year to some tropical destination in the Caribbean or South Pacific. I like to take about three discovery trips per year around the world learning about new destinations with the intention of leading groups there one day. I don’t believe in taking groups to places I am not very knowledgeable about.

I am on a long-term engagement plan with my “lady-friend” and incredibly blessed to not have any kids!

I believe that, with anything you do in life, you should do the best you can and walk away asking yourself, “how could I do that better next time?” I am very passionate about everything I do. If I don’t believe in something, you won’t find me representing it or participating in it.

Before Bluewater, I worked at Oklahoma City University for three years teaching leadership training & and development programs for adults as well as Space Camps for teenagers in the summer. The most recent job before Bluewater was being the director of a counseling agency for challenged youth trying to get them up on their feet and a more positive environment.