PADI Equipment Specialist

April 27, 2024-12:00 Noon-Bluewater Divers

Learn Your Scuba Gear Inside & Out.


PADI Equipment Specialist

Know How To Save Your Dives!

Definitely one of the most important non-diving courses you can take! You’ll learn every aspect of how all your scuba gear works, how to maintain it properly, what can go wrong, and how to make quick, in-the-field fixes. While you won’t be a “qualified service technician” afterwards, what you learn could very well mean the difference between going diving and having to go home mad (and dry) because of an equipment issue. AND it counts toward Master Scuba Diver!

Listen, Learn, and Get Hands On!

The PADI Equipment Specialist course takes about four hours. It’s an immersive and interactive session that consists of a PowerPoint presentation, lots of hands-on time with various gear, and extensive Q&A.

Among the many things you’ll learn will be: gear selection, wetsuit repair, regulator adjustment, proper gear rinsing (check out a great video about that very subject here), testing a BC for leaks, cylinder inspection, different gear configuration ideas, and building a proper Save-a-Dive kit so that you’re able to handle most any minor equipment emergency that might arise.

You won’t need to bring anything with you except maybe something with which to take notes. If you want to bring your own gear and learn more about it specifically, you’re more than welcome to do that.

Search & Recovery Lift Bag