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Scubapro Luna 2.0

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Ever since the original Galileo line (Luna and Sol) was introduced in 2007, Scubapro has had a reputation for solid dive computers. They further upgraded that line with the high-tech, color screen, Bluetooth-enabled G2 in 2017. Now Scubapro has hit the feature/price nail squarely on the head with their brand-new Luna 2.0 and Luna 2.0 AI wrist computers.

What makes them so awesome? Let’s dive in!

  • Price! – MSRP may not be the only consideration when buying a new dive computer, but in this age of rising prices, it’s certainly a consideration, nonetheless. By leaving off an on-board compass and haptic alarms (that everybody may not want/need/use anyway), Scubapro is able to offer the Luna 2.0 and Luna 2.0 AI for $510 and $579, respectively (Smart + Pro transmitter additional). That’s under $600 for an air-integrated wrist computer!
  • Beautiful Display – Many of us remember the woes of early (and some not-so-early) color screen computers that looked great indoors but were practically unreadable in sunlight. Scubapro’s Luna 2.0 features a high-contrast black and white LCD screen that actually looks BETTER outside in bright sunlight. No more draping a towel over your head on the dive boat to see information or adjust settings.
  • Choice of 2 Algorithms – The Luna 2.0 line offers your choice of Scubapro’s Predictive Multi Gas Bühlmann ZHL-16ADT MB or the industry-leading Bühlmann ZHL-16C+GF (Gradient Factor) algorithms so you can fine-tune your conservatism to better suit you and your diving (more on gradient factors here). You can even add Scubapro’s optional heart rate monitor to factor skin temperature and work of breathing into the algorithm!

Click the image for a closer look!

Scubapro Luna 2.0 Heart Rate Monitor HRM Bluewater Divers Oklahoma Scuba
  • Ease of Use – Gone are the days of needing a Master’s Degree in astrophysical engineering (is that even a thing?) to navigate your dive computer’s menu system. Scubapro’s Luna 2.0 features “diver-simple” 2-button navigation that’s both easy and intuitive. Tap the right button to advance, tap the left button to go down, hold the right button to lock it in, hold the left button to cancel. Easy enough? Luna 2.0 also features a user-chageable CR2450 battery that gives up to 300 dives between battery changes!
  • Other awesomeness about the Luna 2.0 and Luna 2.0 AI –
  1. Oil fill technology for reliable performance while keeping the case thin and low-profile
  2. Three modes-scuba, gauge, and apnea (freediving). Nitrox compatible up to 100% with 3 selectable gases
  3. While it monitors tank pressure, the Luna 2.0 AI provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) calculations based on the workload from breathing
  4. Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your dive info to your phone using Scubapro’s LogTRAK 2.0 app
  5. Backwards compatible transmitters-If you already own one of Scubapro’s newer Smart series of transmitters, you won’t even need to purchase a new transmitter for your Luna 2.0 AI!
Scubapro LogTrak Luna 2.0 Bluewater Divers Oklahoma Scuba

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Bottom Line: At $510 for Luna 2.0 and $579 for Luna 2.0 AI, you’ll be hard pressed to find more feature-rich wrist computers for the money than Scubapro’s new offerings. And did we mention they’re beautiful to look at too?


Check out this video from Scuba Diver Magazine detailing more features of the new Luna 2.0 wrist computers!

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