Navigation/Search & Recovery Combo Course

October 7-8, 2023-Lake Tenkiller

Solidify Important Dive Skills.

Greatly Increase Your Confidence.

$259 + Manuals

PADI Underwater Navigator
PADI Search and Recovery

Two great courses that go great together.

Underwater Navigator:

Be the scuba diver everyone wants to follow because you know where you are and where you’re going. The PADI Underwater Navigator course fine-tunes your observation skills and teaches you to more accurately use your compass underwater. If you like challenges with big rewards, take this course and have fun finding your way.

Search & Recovery:

The next time someone loses an item underwater, you can be the hero who finds the missing object.

In the PADI Search and Recovery course, you’ll learn how to find lost objects underwater. You’ll practice different types of underwater search patterns and learn how to use a lift bag as you plan and execute mock search operations.

A Fun, Full Weekend of Diving!

Saturday, October 7, we’ll start with Underwater Navigation. If you’ve already done your Advanced Open Water course, you’ll need only two more dives to wrap up the full specialty. If you haven’t, the first dive of this class will count toward AOW. You’ll learn how to improve your nav skills, recognize navigational clues, use an underwater compass, navigate making multiple turns, and estimate distance underwater.

Sunday, October 8, will be Search & Recovery day. If you didn’t do an S&R dive for your Advanced class (AOW is required as a prerequisite), we’ll do it as the 3rd dive Saturday. You’ll learn how to find things underwater, recover lost items, use a lift bag, plan a search operation, implement underwater search patters, and further improve your navigational skills.

This combo course is a lot of diving, a lot of fun, and comes at a great savings. Priced separately, these two courses are well over $300. You WILL come out of this weekend with greatly improved skills and a lot more confidence in the water! Both courses have a required manual available highly discounted from Your Dive Shop.

Sharky Marky will be the instructor for these courses. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact him directly!

Required equipment: You’ll need a full set of scuba gear. You can certainly rent ours if you don’t have your own yet.

Additional required equipment: you don’t really HAVE to have your own lift bag at this level, although it’s never a bad idea. However, you really do need to have your own compass.

Search & Recovery Lift Bag