Project AWARE/Coral Reef Conservation

December 9, 2023 – 3:00pm – Zoom Meeting

People naturally protect what they love. Who better to protect water than divers?

Gain Important Knowledge and Earn Two PADI Specialties.


Zoom Meeting Will Be Used For This Class!

No need to even leave the house. Sit back with your favorite beverage/snacks, listen to the presentations, ask questions, and learn.

PADI Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course Bluewater Divers

Water, Water Everywhere!

It’s kind of silly that we call our planet Earth when it should, clearly, be called Ocean. Like our bodies, our world is mostly water, it’s all connected through the hydrologic cycle, and it needs protecting. You’ll learn just how important it is and what you can do to help through the Project AWARE specialty. The AWARE Coral Reef Conservation specialty focuses on the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs. They harbor the highest concentration of life in the ocean, protect our shores, and keep our planet alive. Both specialties count toward Master Scuba Diver!

Just Read The Manual, Then Attend The Course!

The PADI AWARE Our World, Our Water manual is about 115 pages, is full of important information about our world’s water, and covers both the Project AWARE and Coral Reef Conservation courses. Read, or at least skim, this manual prior to class. We’ll break down the rest of it during the class.

The class will consist of lecture, going over information in the manual, Q&A sessions, slideshows, and a video on coral reef conservation. Engage as much as you’d like, or just sit back and listen!

PADI Project AWARE Save the Ocean Conservation Bluewater Divers